Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So I am trying to figure a couple of things out inside of blogger. The main thing is being able to reply to comments. I think it would be really nice if I could reply to each comment separately but I can't quite figure out how to do it or if blogger even lets me do it. I am looking at word press, also, to see if they do, so I might switch over.
I am really enjoying blogging and I hope you are all enjoying reading my posts. I want to make this fun for both me (the blogger) and you (the reader).

Anyway on to the food!
For lunch I had a almond butter and strawberry jelly sandwich on a pita pocket. I had chips and salsa on the side.

I pretended that salsa is a veggie, mostly because I was short on time and didn't really want to cook anything. It was a satisfying meal.
I brought some snacks to munch on while at work.

A clif bar. I think clif bars are my favorite of any energy bar, I have only tried 3 kinds of energy bars (odwalla, larabar, and clif bars) but these are my favorite hands down.

I also brought fruit to work, my lunch was lacking in the fresh department so I had to make up for it.
Okay so what do you guys thing: Worlds smallest apple or largest strawberry?

This photo might give you a hint.
This is the fruit that I brought. An apple, some strawberries and some blueberries.

So lets talk for a minute about my job, the food there is not good for anybody to eat. It is delicious food but not healthy, at all, everything is either covered in oil (deep fried) or loaded with salt (hot dogs). We also have ice cream, I ♥ ice cream (and cheese but that's a different post). It is very hard for me to not eat the ice cream at work, we have like 20 flavors. I mean it is a constant struggle, I have tried bribing myself, i.e. okay I won't eat ice cream all week and if I am good I will let myself have some on Friday, but then I just go waaaay overboard with the ice cream and give myself a stomach ache.

Then one day I brought in some strawberries and blueberries. I used them to make this and while it isn't ice cream its enough to satisfy me on the ice cream issue. And its way healthier (at least I think it is).It's a fruit and whipped cream parfait. All I do is layer strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream in a cup. It's sweet and cold and totally hits the spot! I added sprinkles to make it look festive and fun.

After all my snacks were gone but while I was stil at work I started getting really hungry and couldn't wait until I could get home and make some dinner. I just hate how late I have to eat (9pm), but I do love how much healthier and satisfying the dinners I can make at home are verses the ones at work.

Dinner required a trip to the garden. It was dark and rainy but I still got a quick shot for you guys.
Its my kale (the tall thing in front is a sunflower). I used one of the little kale bushes (not really a bush but I don't know what else to call it) to help make dinner. There are 3 in this photo it's just hard to see one of them.

Dinner! Kale and Chickpeas sauteed together, brown rice and tofu. I had a mix of really hot sauce and ketchup for dipping everything in.

And to drink:
Pumpkin Beer!! It's the most wonderful time of beer!
And even better this particular pumpkin ale is made by my favorite brewery, so it's my favorite kind of beer made by my favorite brewery. The Husband picked me up a 6 pack the other day when we had make your own pizza and this is the last one. Did I mention I ♥ my Husband!

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  1. Sarah~you make me laugh, you describe your food so well that it makes me want to eat it! (and I don't care for tofu!) Keep this up~you're good at it!