Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Izzy's for breakfast

today the Husband and I

Went to our favorite breakfast spot: Izzy's

I got 2 scrambled eggs with wheat toast and homefries.

And the onions that Josh didn't want on his steak, on the side.

It was good as always.

Side note, I am very disappointed.
So while we were waiting for breakfast I decided to see if there was an app for my phone that I could blog from and there was. There was the lite version and the $$ version. I downloaded the free one, but I couldn't upload photos. After some debate I decided to try out the $$ because it was only 1.99 and I figured it would be fun to update the blog on the go.
I am annoyed because the $$ version only lets you upload 1 photo. that seems silly. Whats the point. So I feel like i have just wasted $2 and that annoys me!

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