Sunday, August 22, 2010

Okay this is going to be a quick blog, I got up way later than I wanted and then the pictures took forever to upload. Please don't mind the photos, they are straight from my camera.

So yesterday started with a walk with my dog and then it was time for breakfast.

I made the husband and I smoothies and coffee (not pictured).

This was my havest from my garden yesturday. 2 zucchini (so much zucchini this year, so much), 3 acorn squash, a bunch of hot peppers, and some beet greens. Yum!

Around noon I was hungry so I had a snack lunch; Clif bar and an apple

Around 2 my best friend and I set out for a kayaking adventure, but first we stopped to get a quick bite. I got a grilled cheese, she got a lobster roll.

Kayaking spot one, with best friend Leah. we made it here about 5 minutes before we discovered the river was way to sallow.

Kayaking spot 2. Much better location. So pretty and peaceful, we kayaked for about an hour, it was great!

Then for dinner we had a bunch of friends over and did make your own pizza. So I am still getting use to photographing my food and forgot to get a picture of my pizza before it went in the oven and also after it came out but before I ate it. I was hungry and excited.

Everyone waiting for pizza to be done.Everyone after pizza was consumed. Yeah we kind of ate a lot. How many people can you find in this photo? How many Dogs?

This is the pizza aftermath, everyone made 2 mini pizzas. Almost everyone ate 2 mini pizzas. I had a piece and a half left. :-/ It was just too good to stop.

And because we totally didn't eat enough pizza we then had a small piece of cake and some wine.

Now I am off with just enough time to have breakfast, get changed, and go to work.
See ya later.

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