Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Risotto A Go Go

So I didn't eat lunch today, breakfast was really late and then I was really busy. That also meant I went to the grocery store hungry, which usually isn't a good thing but I think I maintained my composer and didn't buy anything to bad. I did pick up some cookies a couple of time but I put them back.

I rescued these guys from the wind. Some of the sunflowers out front were toppled over :(
I picked these guys up and gave them some water (yes that is an old wine bottle. Reduce Reuse Recycle, right?)

The husband as been asking for risotto for like 2 weeks and I finally got more aborio rice at the grocery store today. So guess what we had for dinner?
That's right! Pudding pie. . . err. . . I mean risotto!

The complete meal. I made some zucchini it was meh (I think I am just really sick of that vegetable its exciting at the beginning of the summer but I am ready for it to stop growing).
A baked chicken breast with some spices (salt, pepper, paprika, rosemary and cumin).
Risotto (of course), look out for a risotto how to post.
And more corn from the inlaws.

And to drink I made myself a mocktail (sparkling water and pomegranate juice)

Now I am off to go climbing with Leah.
See you later

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